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Neurofeedback for sleep disorders

A restless sleep has a negative effect on one’s own mood – Sleep disorders Munich

Sleep disorder

Sleep is important for the regeneration of the body. It is an important factor for the own quality of life and the efficiency in everyday life. Too little or no restful sleep can lead to fatigue, loss of performance, moodiness and other burdens. Sleep disorders can also be a symptom of another mental disorder.

Disturbed sleep



Sleep deficit

Treating sleep disorders with neurofeedback

How we may help in the case of sleep disorders with neurofeedback in our Munich practice

Objective diagnostics for sleep disorders in Munich

The causes of sleep disorders can vary. It is often difficult for the brain to switch to a relaxed, regenerative state at the right moment. This is often caused by existing imbalances in the waking state, which can, however, be pronounced to different degrees in different areas. The qEEG enables a targeted analysis of all brain areas and can thus in many cases explain connections for the presence of a sleep problem. Based on this, an individual training plan is created, which may help you to fall asleep and sleep through better.

Schlafstörungen München
Example of a qEEG

Neurofeedback therapy for sleep disorders in our practice in Munich

Neurofeedback training improves the brain’s ability to reach a relaxed state more quickly. This makes it easier to fall asleep and sleep through, so that sleep can be used again as a source of power and energy.

Sleep disorders Munich – Neurofeedback may help!

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