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Frequently asked questions – FAQ. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about neurofeedback training. If your question has not yet been answered, you will find our contact form below on this page.

No! This is not possible at any time. They only train to better control their own thoughts. The electrodes are pure measuring instruments. They do not send any impulses to the brain. Nothing is influenced from outside!

As a rule, a training session lasts 60 minutes. This takes place as an individual session. Of these, 40 minutes are for the neurofeedback training and the remaining time for a relaxed arrival as well as pre- and debriefing of the training.

This depends on the respective complaint pattern or training objective. As a rule, effects occur after 15 – 20 sessions which are also sustainable. For many trainees, approx. 30 training sessions are carried out. Of course, each training session is considered individually and a decision is then made on how many further sessions or training adjustments would make sense.

It is recommended to train the first 6 – 8 weeks (if possible) 2 times a week. After the starting time you can change the training rhythm to once a week.

If 10 or more training sessions have already been held, it is also not bad if you are on holiday for a week or two or if you cannot make an appointment due to time constraints.

No! No special preparation is necessary.

No! All activities can be practised normally, no matter if driving, learning or sports! The hairstyle also remains intact.

This is done with small, saltwater-soaked sponges on the scalp. The small salt water residues are almost invisible and can be easily removed after training.

Of course! There is enough space in our training rooms. Both during the initial consultation and during the training itself.

No. We do not require you to commit to a certain number of sessions in advance. It is planned from session to session and the therapy can be easily suspended or terminated at any time.

No side effects are known from research or personal experience. Some people describe a certain fatigue after training, but it does not last long.

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