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Mental Training with Neurofeedback

Mental Training & Biohacking

In addition to medical indications, neurofeedback can also be used as biohacking for improved performance

Neurofeedback as mental fitness training

Neurofeedback is a training method for self-regulation of unconscious processes in the brain. Besides the primary field of application in the medical sector, e.g. ADHD, burnout and depression, neurofeedback is now increasingly used as objective mental training in the peak performance sector. But not only top athletes, musicians, students and executives benefit from the method. Especially for stress regulation or sleep disorders neurofeedback can be used very effectively for everyone – even without medical indication.

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For everyone

Professional Athletes

Pupils & Students



For everyone

Also without a medical indication neurofeedback can provide for a stress-free everyday life


The brain learns a state of concentration and focus. In this process, the brain also exercises to specifically suppress internal and external disturbances. This learning process can permanently increase performance and concentration.


Especially in phases of stress, for example in an examination situation or during increased stress at work, it is important to be able to consciously switch off. Neurofeedback enables the brain to specifically regulate anxious and stressful states.


Improved self-perception can identify psychological stress at an early stage. Neurofeedback helps with objective data to more mindfullness and can also be used during a meditation to show the thought process in a transparent way.

For Athletes

For top athletes, but also for hobby athletes, neurofeedback as mental training may be the decisive advantage

Mental Training in Sports

Athletes share one goal: to be able to access their peak performance at the right time. Outstanding top athletes are characterised by a lightning-fast change between physical exertion and relaxation.

Especially the ability to quickly relax the muscles after a high exertion enables the athletes to use their strength effectively and above all efficiently. Competitive athletes stand out clearly from the crowd. They can access their peak performance more often and better.

Neurofeedback may have astonishing effects in the development of this mentally determined ability – the effortless change between tension and relaxation. It may also help to better master the coordinative requirements of sports.

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Economic impact

Economisation of movement for better endurance / performance Lightning-fast focus / increased reactivity Higher precision in movements

Mental impact

Quick change between stress and relaxation Higher regeneration ability & increased motivation Free of stage fright / nervousness

For Pupils & Students

Enormous pressure to perform – burnout – master mental challenges with neurofeedback

Improve concentration - reduce fear of exams

School and study today require more than just extraordinary knowledge. Rather, a sophisticated time management is also necessary due to the increased requirements. More and more topics and contents have to be learned in an ever shorter time.

Our practice for neurofeedback in Munich improves your learning and examination performance with state-of-the-art neurofeedback technology. Furthermore, we protect you preventively against mental overload.

Especially for our younger patients from primary and secondary schools, such as grammar schools, we often achieve better performance in school through specific neurofeedback training.

Neurofeedback for Pupils & Students
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For Executives

Leaders are under enormous psychological stress – neurofeedback increases their performance and at the same time lets them relax more easily

Increase performance & reduce mental stress

You run a company, manage a department or want to take on a position with more responsibility. Your commitment is intensive, your working days are long and packed with to-do’s. At the end of the day they are not less, but more.

In your limited free time, your thoughts are almost exclusively about the job. Occasionally you find yourself wanting to process two processes at the same time? Are you in a similar situation? Neurofeedback may help you.

Besides the systematic reduction of stress to increase your well-being or to prevent an impending burnout, neurofeedback training also boosts your cognitive and mental resources. Especially the ability to concentrate and overall performance as well as the creative performance can be noticeably increased.

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Greater Performance

Increased concentration Improved memory performance Better motivation and greater willpower

Less Stress

More regenerative sleep and more efficient rest periods Effective stress reduction even in pressure situations Prevention against burnout

For Musicians

Stage fright? Pressure to perform? Neurofeedback for musicians helps to balance the optimal state of tension

Playing music more freely and reducing stage fright

Making music professionally is a very fulfilling passion, but it can also turn into the opposite. Long-term physical and psychological stress can lead to physical and mental tensions and even stress.

In the “creative ideal state”, a musician should have a balanced stand-by voltage, be well focused and have optimum control of motor skills and coordination. A relaxed playing posture and a free mind enable him to make music intuitively.

With the special neurofeedback training for musicians, a completely new approach was found to help musicians regain a more balanced state of tension and thus pave the way to inner harmony.

Our Expert of brainboost Music in Augsburg

Our location in Augsburg has evolved from scientific projects with classical musicians of the Augsburg University of Music. Since spring 2017, neurofeedback has been performed in a fully equipped treatment room, which is particularly suitable for patients and trainers living outside Munich. Here the focus is particularly on performance improvement and stress management. In the case of significant medical indications, an initial consultation at the Munich practice is necessary.

Mental Training Munich – also for musicians.

Neurofeedback Expert & Orchestra Musician - Anna Oberroither-Sieler

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