Neurofeedback for Migraine

Migraine severely limits the quality of life – Neurofeedback can reduce migraine – Migraine Munich

Migraine - Symptoms

About 2-10% of the population suffer from migraine, with women being affected more frequently than men. A migraine attack can be preceded by a so-called aura, e.g. loss of visual field. Due to the severe headaches, attention and concentration is very difficult. Those affected often need rest and darkness. Drugs often only reduce the pain for a short time.

Migraine Munich – Neurofeedback may help.



Reduced concentration

Migraine - improve with neurofeedback

How we can help with migraine with neurofeedback in our practice in Munich

Objective diagnostics for migraine in Munich

Migraine attacks can have many causes and therefore also have different activity patterns in the EEG. Accordingly, the individual treatment protocols can vary greatly. To create an optimal treatment plan, the qEEG is essential. – Migraine Munich

Example of a qEEG

Neurofeedback therapy for migraine in our practice in Munich

Neurofeedback training can positively influence the excitation and tension states of the brain and thus lead to a considerable reduction of symptoms. In addition, the experience of control and self-efficacy over one’s own perception and brain activity is promoted.

Migraine Munich – improve symptoms with neurofeedback. Talk to us!

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