Dyscalculia & arithmetic impairment

Neurofeedback for dyscalculia

A dyscalculia is a not insignificant disadvantage, especially at school – Neurofeedback may help!

Arithmetic impairment & dyscalculia

In the case of dyscalculia, the affected person lacks the necessary understanding of numbers and counting skills to learn the basic arithmetic operations – usually the weakness in arithmetic becomes apparent as early as childhood. This small disadvantage can have fatal effects on the further school everyday life, since so the basic tool is missing around the further steps in things logic and mathematics to internalize. – Dyscalculia Munich


Little understanding of logic

Lack of understanding of quantities

Dyscalculia Training with Neurofeedback

How we can help with dyscalculia with neurofeedback in our practice in Munich

Objective diagnostics for arithmetic impairment in Munich

In the quantitative EEG, individual herds of origin and imbalances can be represented, which can have a negative effect on the computing power of the brain. In particular, concentration and attention have clear patterns of activity. This very specific consideration makes a targeted training possible, both with neurofeedback and with other therapy options. – Dyscalculia Munich

Representation of a quantitative EEG

Neurofeedback therapy for dyscalculia in our practice in Munich

Neurofeedback can be used both as a stand-alone therapy and as a complementary therapy. The symptoms can be sustainably reduced by continuous training, as a comprehensive meta-study from 2018 clearly shows. The working memory can be increased and lead to an increased ability to concentrate.

Dyscalculia Munich – Neurofeedback may help. Talk to us!

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