Neurofeedback for depression

Depression severely limits the joy of life – neurofeedback may help.

Depression - Symptoms

Affected persons often suffer from depressed mood, a lack of interest or joy, as well as drive disorders. In addition, there are disorders of sleep, appetite, concentration, libido, anxiety, feelings of guilt or loss of self-worth. Approximately 20% of all people suffer from depression during their lifetime. Women suffer more frequently from depression than men.

Often there is also a latent form of depression or a depressive episode in which only individual symptoms show up in a weaker form. The people affected often do not classify themselves as depressive, but nevertheless have clear limitations in their quality of life. – Depression Munich

Depressed mood

Sleep disturbances


Concentration problems

Depression Treatment with Neurofeedback

How we can help with depression with neurofeedback in our practice in Munich

Objective diagnostics for depression in Munich

In the quantitative EEG, individual symptoms of depression can be shown quite clearly. In particular, thought circles, fears, concentration difficulties and sleep problems have clear patterns of activity. This exact differentiation allows a targeted treatment, both with neurofeedback and with other therapy options. Depression is also usually associated with other mental illnesses. Objective diagnostics using qEEG can provide information about this. – Depression Munich

Neurofeedback München Depression
Representation of qEEG in depression

Neurofeedback therapy for depression in our practice in Munich

Neurofeedback can be used as the sole treatment, but also in combination with other forms of therapy. The aim is to reduce the symptoms. Lack of drive, restlessness and anxiety can be reduced, the ability to concentrate and sleep can be improved. It is precisely because these problems often react poorly to conscious and deliberate therapeutic approaches, for example the attempt to calm down when fears arise, neurofeedback treatment is a sensible option.

Depression Munich – successful treatment with neurofeedback.

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