Neurofeedback for Autism

Autism also affects the immediate environment – Neurofeedback may help


The main symptoms of autism are difficulties in social communication and interaction, as well as limited and repeated behavioural patterns, interests and activities. Victims often find it difficult to make contact with others or build relationships. They also have problems communicating their own interests and feelings and generally with non-verbal communication. They may also be inflexible about changes, prefer familiar processes and routines and want to stick to them.- Autism Munich

Routine dependency

Communication difficulties

Problems in social interactions

Autism Treatment with Neurofeedback

How we can help in case of autism with neurofeedback in our practice in Munich

Objective diagnostics for autism in Munich

The quantitative EEG (qEEG) helps to make deviations visible. Autism is not a black and white problem, but occurs in many graduated spectra. This imaging can identify the exact areas of the brain that lead to the existing problem and in turn show which areas of the brain interact in a beneficial mode. This makes it possible to train exactly the regions of the brain in order to achieve an improvement. – Autism Munich

Example of a qEEG

Neurofeedback therapy for autism in our practice in Munich

Neurofeedback supports in particular the improvement of social behaviour, language and attention, so that those affected can get in contact with their fellow human beings more easily again and can concentrate and focus longer.

Autism Munich – Neurofeedback can help.

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