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Neurofeedback for brain concussion

Neurofeedback may help with most symptoms resulting from a brain concussion – Brain Concussion Munich


In the event of a concussion, the brain is impaired by a (mild) cranial trauma, e.g. as a result of an accident or in contact sports. Symptoms can be acute, such as headaches, dizziness and nausea, but they can also creep in subtly in the long term and lead to impairments. Sleep, concentration and retentiveness are often affected. – brain concussion munich



Concentration problems

Concussion & Neurofeedback

How we can help with concussions with neurofeedback in our practice in Munich

Objective diagnostics for concussion in Munich

In many cases, conventional structural imaging methods, such as x-rays or MRI, are not able to make a statement regarding a (slight) concussion. Through a quantitative EEG (qEEG), the brain activity altered by the (mild) cranial trauma can be made visible. In many cases only certain areas of the brain are affected by an impairment, so that more precise statements can be made by the qEEG and corresponding treatment steps can be initiated. – brain concussion munich

Example of a qEEG

Neurofeedback therapy for concussion in our practice in Munich

A qEEG makes it possible to recognize and effectively treat the disabilities. By specifically influencing brain activity, frequently occurring symptoms can be alleviated. Accompanying symptoms such as insomnia, concentration problems and the targeted focus on certain things, persons or situations can be improved. Furthermore, treatment by neurofeedback is a general support for the healing process. – brain concussion munich

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